In September, Emerald Global Education will be attending the European conference EAIE which is scheduled to be held in Helsinki this year from Sept 24 – Sept 27 2019. Participating in Europe’s largest international higher education conference will assemble a variety of European educators and higher education representatives as well as other higher education officials from all over the world.

This year’s conference will be held under the theme ‘encompassing all voices’, a motto that is at the center of any conference or meeting held within the context of international higher education. Different voices with different cultural backgrounds often cause the world to find previously unknown solutions. This metaphor translates well into the community of international education: many global problems can only be mastered together in collaboration and mutual trust.

Visiting EAIE, Emerald Global Education is looking forward to expand its already extensive networking circle and will be happy to schedule meetings with interested potential partners further discussing the best strategies for you to pursue in higher education. Simply approach us to schedule your meeting today under