The biggest and most renowned education conference will be held in Washington D.C, this year – right in the capital of the United States. 2019 NAFSA is approaching fast – and EGEG is excited to be a part of it once again. This year, we will be attending the conference in Washington D.C. with three team members who will be happy to schedule a meeting with interested clients or networking partners from all over the world. According to the official NAFSA webpage, the 2019 motto of the conference Global Leadership, Learning, and Change should encourage reflection about the changes and shifts within the field of higher education. In an ever-changing world, there needs to be time and space for reflection to truly understand events that have influenced the field of higher education. For EGEG, this is not only a change to reflect but to also think about new ways and opportunities within our expert field – there is always room for new projects and ideas after all.
Attending the international educational event of the year does not only provide the annual chance to meet long-standing partners and clients, it is always an opportunity to seek out ideas and become a visionary, even if it is only for a few days. EGEG is looking forward to the 2019 annual NAFSA event and will be happy to schedule any meetings in D.C. during NAFSA.