A few days ago, Europe Specialist Sabine Sachs has visited the 2019 APAIE in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Expanding her already extensive network, Sabine had the chance to meet colleagues as well as clients from all over the world in one of the most up-and coming markets in Asia. The 2019 theme of the conference was ‘Diversity and Inclusivity of Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific’ – an open theme that allowed for diverse interpretations and open-minded and successful discussions throughout the conference. The APAIE conference has become a fixture in the international conference calendar and for many years now, has growing attendance numbers. The trend towards Asia is an ongoing phenomenon in Higher Education and has become a well-established market over the last years instead of the future of higher education recruiting.
Asia and especially Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur have a lot to offer – a rich cultural life as well as a fascinating density of higher education institutions. The history as well as the vision of the future have made Kuala Lumpur the perfect spot for this years’ conference. A conference that leaves its visitors with new impulses and ideas to continue shape a vivid and successful world of higher education that connects the world.