This years’ conference hosted by the European Association for International Education (EAIE) was set in Geneva, Switzerland. The picturesque Swiss city at the foot of the Alps has a long international history as a place of diplomacy including the seat of the United Nations (UN) and was therefore a matching setting.
For the thirtieth consecutive year, Europe’s most important education fair attracted thousands of participants from all over the world. Because of its global audience and participants, the conference is a great opportunity for all participants to expand their networks. However, the EAIE conference does not only provide a platform for establishing new contacts and maintaining old ones, but it has established itself as annual meeting point for European partners in higher education.
In total, more than 5700 participants attended the EAIE 2018 in Geneva from 11-15 September 2018 to network and exchange ideas with colleagues from the international education sector.
The conference theme 2018 was "Facing Outward", the idea of continuing to network in a globalized world which faces a multiple of challenges. The theme was intentionally left open; in order to leave room for all participants to meet with like-minded people and, at the same time, promote and encourage a dialogue with dissenters.
International Fairs, like EAIE among others, are a core addition and an extended working space for Emerald. Getting inspired and being able to discuss, test and implement with other like-minded people working in higher education both in Europe and worldwide.